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Champion @KICKZ

Champion was founded in Rochester, New York in 1919 by two brothers, Abe and Bill Feinbloom. In this small family company, the pair began producing clothing that was distinguished by subtle designs. Its top-selling items included their high-quality cotton sweatshirts. The brand name, Champion, was printed on them in large, eye-catching letters. Champion sweatshirts found popularity amongst workers, which boosted the brand’s ever-growing prosperity. At that time workers were increasingly taking up sports, so the sweatshirts were quickly moved into sportswear. As a result, they were worn for basketball or jogging, for example.

Champion – inventor of the hoodie

The company continued to grow and brought some innovations to the market. The Hoody is just one of Champion’s inventions. At the time, the hooded pullover caused a minor sensation and was enthusiastically embraced by their customers. The brand’s innovative tailoring became recognised beyond its initial market of workers, meaning that hoodies were soon to be seen everywhere on the streets. In addition, their designers also made t-shirts which also quickly became established in sportswear. The company soon began to concentrate on basketball, and became one of the leading brands in this sport. Champion was the official outfitter of all NBA teams until the year 2000.