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Champion Clothing @KICKZ

Champion was founded by the two brothers Abe and Bill Feinbloom in Rochester, New York State, in 1919. Both produced clothing for their small family business, which was defined by its inconspicuous designs. One of the bestselling items of Champion clothing were the quality cotton tops which sported the brand name in large letters. All across the range of Champion clothing you can see that this is still a very popular design today. Champion clothing was particularly popular with the working class, which boosted the steady rise of the brand. At that time, workers were increasingly playing more sports, and as a result the jumpers quickly became part of the sportswear for example in basketball or jogging.

The popular logo of Champion

The company has had much success with its Champion clothing which continues to grow in popularity. It also brought various new developments to the market. One such innovation from Champion clothing was the hoody. At the time the hoody was enthusiastically received by the customers and was an absolute hit. Even outside of the working class environment, the innovative style made the brand famous so that soon it could be seen all over the streets. Champion soon produced many different items of which even today remain as popular as ever.Not long after the company turned its efforts to basketball where it has now become one of the leading brands in the sport. Until 2000 Champion was the official supplier for all of the NBA teams which is testament to the brand’s popularity and a good reason for you to buy your Champion clothing at KICKZ today.