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Clarks Originals @KICKZ

Clarks Originals was founded in the county of Somerset, England in 1825 by brothers Cyrus and James Clark, and is one of the largest manufacturers of street shoes in the world today. It all began when James made a slipper from sheepskin offcuts that were too small to make into carpets. The shoes that evolved were very popular and allowed the company to grow steadily. In the post-War period, demand exploded overnight. Cult shoes such as the desert boot and the Wallabee were designed, and new technologies were developed to ensure the highest levels of wearing comfort and durability.

Clarks Originals – Timeless shoes for every occasion

Clarks Originals is still owned by the family. And that is also a reason why their shoes are still made according to traditional methods and high quality standards. As a company, Clarks embodies the philosophy of timeless design like no other by continuing to produce styles that were developed back in the 19th century as part of their Originals Collection. And whether for men or women, the shoes continue to sell very well.

Order Clarks Originals products from KICKZ

Looking for straightforward, classic yet high-quality shoes for everyday wear? Then Clarks, the tradtitional English brand, is just the thing for you. At KICKZ, you will find a selection of Clarks Originals shoes for men – in various sizes and colours – and at an unbeatable price, of course.