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Clarks Originals Shoes @KICKZ

Clarks Originals was founded back in 1825 by James Clark and his brother Cyrus. The setting was the small village of Street in Somerset, not far from the Glastonbury Tor which was for many generations central to the company’s logo. The first Clarks shoes were a pair of slippers. This great innovation propelled the company through its first years and led to the company also producing many other shoes. Clarks Originals shoes therefore have a history longer than many other brands combined. This means they are the absolute experts when it comes to making shoes.

Quintessential British style and comfort

Clarks have matched those years of experience with comfort with great style that constantly adapts to the times. Whilst influence for the shoes is drawn from far and wide, if you look at a classic such as desert boot, you can see its British roots shine through. Clarks Originals shoes have had such an impact on British life and culture, it is hard to separate the two. But the popularity of Clarks shoes goes far beyond the waters of the British Isles. Worldwide, Clarks shoes are fantastically popular and are considered as a mark of true quality exports that few other British brands can enjoy.