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Converse by KICKZ

In 1908, Marquis Converse founded his own company with the goal of producing quality footwear with rubber soles. From humble beginnings, the worldwide fame and popularity his products achieved was something he could have never imagined. In 1912, the Olympic Games served as an inspiration for Marcus to start producing sports shoes. The first pair of Converse athletic shoes were designed for the game of tennis in 1915. This was followed by perhaps the most significant event in the history of the Converse brand - the production of the first model of their basketball shoes, Converse All Stars.

Converse for comfort

The performance of these new shoes was appreciated by many athletes, most importantly to the famous basketball player Chuck Taylor, who soon became the face of the brand. In 1921 Taylor officially joined the company and All Stars became the now iconic Chuck Taylors. From 1917 to date, they have sold over 600 million pairs of their shoes worldwide. A favourite of basketballers, skaters, musicians, artists and festival goers, Converse have established themselves as the footwear of the people. It’s not just a fashion choice, it’s a lifestyle one. Grab a pair from KICKZ today, it’s Converse for comfort.