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Converse Sale

The Converse sale at KICKZ is full of classic high and low-top trainers as well as a range of other All Star gear. KICKZ don’t believe in only having cast away clothes that no one wants, so you’ll be sure to find the more fashionable items in the Converse sale. Take a look for some of the biggest discounts on one of basketball’s most iconic styles.

Chuck Taylor

Converse first made it big on the basketball court when basketball veteran Chuck Taylor joined up with the shoe company. Taylor started wearing converse while playing basketball at Columbus High School in Indiana. He later earned a job selling the shoes and went on to make a list of edits to them that have been kept today – in fact he was responsible for the heel patch and the iconic All-Star logo. Different events over time helped Chuck in his crusade to spread the word of Converse. Possibly the largest of these was in 1936 when Team USA wore Converse in the first ever Olympic basketball game. From this point, Converse and basketball had a tight, lifetime bond.

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