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Converse Trainers by KICKZ

It is arguable whether there has ever been a footwear brand so iconic and enduring as Converse trainers. Founded in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse in Massachusetts, the company started out making shoes with rubber soles for winter footwear. Converse trainers at this point were not yet directed towards playing sport. That first came in 1910 when the brand started producing shoes specifically for tennis. But that was just its first foray into the sporting world. Basketball was the sport that changed everything for Converse trainersa. In 1917 Converse introduced the Converse All-Star trainer, one of the most legendary shoes of the past century.

Enduring legacy of Chuck Taylor

The All-Star trainer was however not complete. It was not until the basketball player, Charles H. Chuck Taylor, joined the company in 1921 that the shoe really took off. He worked on promoting and selling the shoe all around the basketball world. In 1932 this success was honoured as his signature was added to the logo. Whilst once an innovative sporting shoe manufacturer, Converse trainers have over the years made the transition to a solid lifestyle must-have. This new direction has sealed the fate of Converse trainers as fashion necessity being worn by stars like Snoop Dogg and Rihanna amongst many others.