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Crep Protect @KICKZ

Crep Protect was launched in London 2012 with the mission of becoming the most respected ‘clean fashion technology’ brand in the world. Fed up with shoes being ruined by the elements and accidents, they sought a way to keep footwear clean and like new. After a lot of research and collaboration with scientists, the end result was Crep Protect - The ultimate rain and stain repellent. Simply spray on and protect your shoes with an invisible coating that repels liquids and prevents staining for up to two weeks. Once on, your shoes are guarded against most liquids and dirt and can be easily cleaned with a simple damp cloth.

Crep Protect - The future of footwear

Whether your shoes are canvas, leather, nubuck or even suede, Crep Protect shields them without compromising the original materials. Fast drying and hassle free to apply, Crep Protect is an easy and effective solution to keeping your favourite footwear in its original condition. Now collaborating with the NBA and already loved by entertainment stars such as Rizzle Kicks and Reggie Yates, the brand has been tried and tested. At KICKZ, we feature some of the world’s premium sneakers; keep them safe with Crep Protect and stop tip toeing around.