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Crooks and Castles @KICKZ

Founded by Dennis Calvero and Robert Panlilio in 2002, Crooks and Castles was established to promote the lifestyle of their hometown, Los Angeles. Inspired by the villains of street culture - including robber barons, pimps, thieves and hustlers - the brand name is a homage to making the most of what you have to work with. Crooks represent society’s rogues, while castles alludes to the pay off. Firm believers that every empire is built on dishonest dealings, Crooks and Castles doctrine is "we’re all crooks in some way, some just choose not to show their true colours.”

Crooks and Castles - Hot Shit

The fashion embodiment of the "villainous lifestyle”, Crooks and Castles have become well known for their urban designs, clean silhouettes and quality materials. Often using Greek iconography, bold graphics and daring prints in their lines, their clothing is as loud as their message. At KICKZ online we offer a range of Crooks and Castles clothing and accessories for men including; snapbacks, beanies, tank tops, t-shirts, jackets and hoodies. The ideal street wear for any up and coming mogul, Crooks and Castles lets you dress like your inner sinner.