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Crooks And Castles Clothing @KICKZ

Founded in 2002 by Robert Panilo and Dennis Calvero, Crooks and Castles has spent the past decade seriously shaking up the streetwear industry. Crooks and Castles clothing is perhaps most recognisable by its large prints. The range is characterised by bright colours and strong designs. The prints are so striking that Calvero chose the best of them for an exhibition which he organised in Los Angeles in 2008. In addition to its large prints Crooks and Castles clothing offers many other which attract attention with their eye-catching designs. The range is also rounded off by some more basic options.

Crooks and Castles – a memorable brand

Over the years Crooks and Castles has remained incredibly loyal to its original style. But when you think how well Crooks and Castles clothing sells, you have to ask why you would want to change a winning recipe? That’s why the designers at Crooks and Castles have retained the original style only making minor changes to the streetwear for every new range. In this way the brand has remained distinctive and has not suffered from being swayed by short term fashion trends. It is probably the reason why rappers are happy to travel the whole globe with the solid designs from Crooks and Castles clothing. This is also the reason why you can find such a large selection from the brand in our online store.