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Diamond Supply Co Clothing

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Diamond Supply Co Clothing by KICKZ

Diamond Supply Co. had its origins in 1998 when Nicholas Tershay designed a skateboard hardware line from his small studio apartment in San Francisco. He continued with his project in Los Angeles, where he sat in-house at the famous skateboard brand of Mike Carroll and Rick Howard, Girl. Over the years he soared to become the absolute expert on skating software and hardware. His reputation quickly grew in the skating world with his use of straight aesthetics and high quality materials, with the demand for Diamond Supply clothing rising rapidly.

Top skaters wear Diamond Supply clothing

Nicholas celebrated its 15 years anniversary, with over 100 world elite skateboarders onboard. Eric Koston, Stevie Williams and Paul Rodriguez are just some of the many names who the brand supplies with Diamond Supply clothing. Tershay even caught the attention of brands like Nike, which is why he was allowed to develop their signature shoe in 2005: the Diamond SB Dunk, which became one of the best selling shoes of that time. Over time, the skateboard-grounded brand has become so popular with its use of quality materials and precise designs that it was recently able to open up its third flagship store. You can also find Diamond Supply clothing in our online shop. So get your new style and run riot!