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Dope was founded by Matthew Fields in 2007 while he was a student at Indiana University. From humble beginnings in Bloomington to a flagship store on the iconic Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles, Dope has become the height of street couture. Inspired by luxury and the ethos of the streets (as well as a lack of premium streetwear), their label developed to be more of a lifestyle than a brand. The unique style and character of Dope attracted a community of like-minded people - who called themselves the Bougie Crew - and solidified the emerging urban label as the new king of streetwear.

Dope - No Dope, No Hope

Worn by world famous artists such as P Diddy, Jay-Z, Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick Lamar and more, Dope has become a favourite amongst the fashion elite; while staying at home on the streets. Their line now includes cut and sew pieces, snapbacks, pullovers, crewneck tees, beanies and more. By using stark contrasts, unique prints, complementary colourways, bold graphics and their now iconic Dope insignia, their range continues to set trends. Play with your style, become part of the Bougie Crew at KICKZ online.