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Dr. Martens @KICKZ

Originally a humble 2£ work boot, over the past century Dr. Martins have developed into a cross-cultural expression of unique and rebellious style. Created in England, the Griggs Company acquired an exclusive license for an air-cushion insole that had been developed in post-war Munich by a broken footed Dr. Klaus Maertens. Taking this insole, they built a durable boot around it from high-quality materials and branded the shoes as "Airwear”. Drawing inspiration from the date of their inception - April 1st, 1960 - the now iconic eight-holed 1460 Dr. Martin boot was born.

Dr. Martens - A cultural icon

The 60’s saw a wave of new ideas, cultural change and the birth of a social revolution. Fashion exploded onto that scene and became an outlet for misrepresented subcultures to define their own identities. Already proudly championed by the British working class, Pete Townsend (of The Who) became the first celebrity to wear Dr. Martens; rebelling against his fame with a throwback to his roots. Since that moment, Dr. Martens have become a symbol of nonconformity worn by goths, punks, musicians, artists and everyone in between. To this day, Dr Martens continue to represent individuality, fashion and free thought.