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Dr. Martens Sale @KICKZ

The Dr. Martens sale at KICKZ has a range of styles and sizes for men, women and kids. With years of rebellious culture, Doc Martens are one of the hardiest shoes on the market and are famous for being able to stand the test of time in both style and durability.

The world’s most rebellious boots

The Doctor Martens business can trace its history over 100 years back where the Griggs family made boots just outside Northamptonshire in the East Midlands of England. The boots themselves started out in post war Munich by Dr. Klaus Märtens who created them out of ex-military rubber and salvaged cobbler’s equipment. Soon after their creation, Doc Martens gained international attention and consequently the patent was acquired by the Griggs family who noticed them in a trade magazine. Before long, social revolution gripped on to the boots because they perfectly mirrored the radical atmosphere of their times. The Doc Martens were first worn by skinheads, then Pete Townsend of The Who, then a whole queue of other youth subcultures adopted the look. Check out the KICKZ Dr. Martens sale for your own punk look at great prices.

Dr. Martens Sale - Essential British Style

>>> mehr InfoDoctor Martens have been such a massive part of British culture for the last 50 years that it’s hard to imagine street style without them. In fact, they’ve been a major part of almost all subcultures that have been defined by revolutionary ideas. Here’s a few things about one of Britain’s biggest fashion and political statements that you might not have known:

They were originally created by Dr Klaus Märtens in Munich after he suffered a skiing accident. He found that the boots he had were too uncomfortable, so he set out to create the ideal boots to help his recovery.

The shoes were originally marketed for the working class for around £2. They were initially a hit with factory workers, postmen and policemen who would spend hours on their feet. Because of their price and hardiness, they became popular with both the working class and the politically active.

Check out the KICKZ Dr. Martens sale for a piece of British fashion history at the best prices!