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Ecko Clothing @KICKZ

Ecko is one of the biggest streetwear labels on the planet and behind it stands Marc Ecko, one of the most successful designers in the world, who has wowed people with Ecko clothing. As a teenager he sprayed t-shirts with graffiti in his parent’s garage. People would often ask about his creations as he went round the local area. Soon his friends were asking him for custom-designs. That was the beginning of a spectacular career in design. A few years later Marc Ecko founded his own label, which with its unique style would cause a stir and revolutionise the face of streetwear. Even today he has remained true to that original style: his designs are particularly notable for their striking prints. These street style designs of Ecko clothing often have a worn-look to them.

Ecko offers streetwear with hip-hop style

Ecko clothing offers comfortable fits to suit your every wish. Ecko clothing is worn by rappers and break-dancers alike and has now developed itself as an integral part of hip-hop culture. In addition, the brand caused quite a stir when Marc Ecko sprayed 'still free' on the US President's Air Force One for an advert in 2006. The video was top on YouTube for months and was shared all across the world. Actions like these have taken Ecko to the top and he is not about to let up any time soon, always bringing out new designs for Ecko clothing and other ranges.