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Jordan Eclipse Chukka

Discover a brand-new pair of Jordan Eclipse Chukka trainers and learn why the Air Jordan brand is synonymous with quality, durability and performance.

An epic past: The Air Jordan brand and the all-new Jordan Eclipse Chukka continue a tradition of excellence, eclipsing the competition with style and flair.

A legacy upheld: As Air Jordans dominated the shelves in 1985, so too did they dominate the court to become one of the most coveted trainers of all time. The Jordan Eclipse Chukka has a lot to live up to, and it delivers in every way.

An inspiring image is maintained by the Jordan Eclipse Chukka trainers from Nike and Air Jordan, instilling motivation and confidence in its wearers.

Eclipse Chukka at bei KICKZ

Share in the history and the glory with the new Jordan Eclipse Chukka

Between its minimalist design, lightweight materials and unparalleled durability, the Jordan Eclipse Chukka rises above the competition to provide just the right padding in all the right places. The extra high Chukka ankle support guarantees not only a snug fit, but a comfortable, protective layer of padding for the sensitive areas above the foot. The neoprene tongue ensures that the shoe fits closely and comfortably, contoured to the shape of the wearer’s foot. The Jordan Eclipse Chukka offers the ultimate in sole durability and traction as well as lightweight impact protection for the heel, allowing for mobility, flexibility and control. Breathable materials promise a lighter than air experience and ventilate to keep feet cooler and more comfortable, so you can focus on the ball and the net rather than your feet.

Off the court, the minimalist yet stylish herringbone design provides a sleek and chic look for the trainer-fan looking to attract attention. Collectors of the Air Jordan and Nike brands will be thrilled to add these new Jordan Eclipse Chukka kicks to their assortment. Available in three different varieties, the simple monotone colours offer a uniform, pure look, popular among many of the greatest players.

Place your order from KICKZ and discover the power and the inspiration that only a pair of Jordan Eclipse Chukka trainers can provide. Tear up the court in style and become part of an epic history set apart from the competition by master craftsmanship, high-quality materials and the legendary Michael Jordan.