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Ellesse @KICKZ

The Ellesse brand was founded in 1959 by a tailor named Leonardo Servadio. He lived in the Italian town of Perugia and was a keen skier, however he was less keen on the ski-clothing available to him at the time. So what did Servadio decide to do? As you probably guessed, he began to design and produce his own ski gear and founded his own fashion label: Ellesse. The distinctive feature of the label was that it combined sport and fashion, meaning they were no longer mutually exclusive. As far as Servadio is concerned, sportswear mustn’t just perform great, but also look great.

Fashion Sportswear by Ellesse

One of the special things about this label is that it doesn’t take things too seriously, it’s edgy and fun but at the same time casual, ranging from hoodies to fancier wear, and comes in sizes from xs to xl to xxl. With the Ellesse collection, men and women are always well prepared for both sport and leisure time when wearing Ellesse’s retro clothes and accessories that are available from KICKZ – thanks to the sporty, yet trendy style. A true testimony to the brand is the fact that accomplished sports stars, such as Boris Becker, Tommy Haas and Elina Svitolina, have all worked with and represented Ellesse since its early beginnings.

Ellesse – Ski, Tennis and Penguins

Ellesse has long been known in the worlds of star skiers and tennis players, but it is now becoming ever more popular for its regular accessories and sportswear, such as hoodies, too. So here are some interesting and funny facts to help you get to know this special brand better:

- Logo: The two sports in which Ellesse had its beginnings are pictured in the logo: the semi-circle is symbolic of a tennis ball and the two red side panels are representative of ski tips.

- Brand name: The name Ellesse is inspired by Servadios’ initials and their Italian pronunciation: his initials are L.S, pronounced elle-esse.

- Penguins: In the sixties, the company had two exceptional pets – penguins! They were called Ettore and Giorgino and were on the scene at every ski race where someone of the brand was present.

- 1000 Kisses: In 1986 Princess Carolin of Monaco was pictured on the cover of Paris Match in an Ellesse wool hat. To show his joy and appreciation of this, Servadio sent a box of 1000 baci (Italian for kisses), which are a chocolate speciality from where the business was located in Perugia.

- Innovation: Ellesse is known for being an innovative brand. Not only has it brought fashion and sport harmoniously together, but it was also one of the first lables to place their logo on the outside of the clothing, which has since been copied worldwide.