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Ewing Athletics @KICKZ

The 1980’s saw signature basketball shoes erupt onto the athletic scene. Die hard fans scrambled to snap up the original and limited editions and top players were soon sporting their own trademark models. Taking the ball and running with it, in 1989, Patrick Ewing became the first professional basketball player to establish his own shoe company. Ewing Athletics was born. The Basketball Hall of Famers first release was the now iconic 33 HI. Worn in music videos, album covers and of course on the court, the 33 HI was also the shoe Ewing wore in his best season as a pro baller.

Ewing Athletic - Play like a pro

At the start of every basketball season, Patrick would personally début Ewing Athletics latest game shoe. During these years, their popularity grew and the company expanded, soon producing all types of athletic footwear, from cross trainers to hiking boots. The final shoe produced by Ewing Athletics in the 90’s was the Empire. It wasn't until the golden age of the Internet dawned that the demanding cult following for their vintage shoes prompted the relaunch of Ewing Athletics. Authentic to this day, Ewing Athletics caters to dedicated fans who love both the original models and the game.