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Based in the cultural centre of urban design, Los Angeles, FAIRPLAY is a street apparel brand that is inspired by the functionality and fashion of athletic wear. Delivering style, comfort and mobility, their clothing range is perfect for transitioning from the streets to the court. FAIRPLAY is about picking yourself up and bettering yourself, no matter who has put you down, or is trying to keep you there. The bandaged L in their logo is symbolic of this, encouraging even the dirtiest players to play fair.


More than just a clothing brand, FAIRPLAY is a label with a social conscious. Concerned with the growing inequality between the haves and the have-nots, FAIRPLAY aims to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to express their potential. Using only high-quality and durable fabrics, their apparel is the perfect partnership of sporty and stylish. Their range includes jogger pants, jackets, hoodies, long-sleeve shirts, tank tops, tees and more. Versatile and practical, their series can be worn working out in the gym, or for a night out on the town. Designed to be physically pushed, you can play hard with FAIRPLAY.