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Founded in Biella, Italy, in 1911 by the Fila brothers, the sportswear brand has since become one of the largest sporting goods manufacturers in the world. While their primary product was originally underwear for people living in the Italian Alps, Fila now makes apparel for tennis, basketball, skiing, motor racing, golf, football, swimming, running and casual athletic wear. Their popularity was bolstered by their sponsorships of elite athletes, from tennis star Bjorn Borg to the Australian Cricket Team. Proud of their sporting (and winning) legacy, Fila continues to design and produce premium athletic wear.

Fila - Where performance meets style

Not just for professional athletes, Fila is now worn by models, celebrities and musicians who appreciate the sporty designs, high-quality materials and stylish silhouettes. Now based in Korea, Fila continues to be inspired by their Italian roots, keeping their attention to detail and European character. A traditional brand with over a hundred years of experience, Fila’s new collections combine their knowledge of sportswear with modern fabrics, cuts, colours and prints. With a range of t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts and leggings to choose, KICKZ offers you only the best, with Fila.