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Filling Pieces by KICKZ

The history of the shoe label Filling Pieces goes back to the designer Guillaume Philibert, who, while studying architecture, was quite dissatisfied with the range of sneakers on offer at the time. Philibert was of the opinion that there was no shoe that was both of good quality and reasonably priced. In 2009, he founded the label Filling Pieces in Amsterdam in order to produce quality, well-priced shoes himself.

One of the goals of Filling Pieces is to bridge the gap between streetwear and high-end fashion. So in 2009, not long after the label was founded, Guillaume Philibert launched the first Filling Pieces collection. He had already received positive feedback from his surroundings for his first designs. Since then, the designer has been inspired by different styles around the world to create high quality shoes at a fair price.

Handmade sneakers from Portugal

>>> mehr InfoFilling Pieces continues to focus on innovation, quality and affordability for anyone who wants high-quality leather footwear. The brand obtains the high-quality materials for the sneakers from Italy. However, the Filling Pieces products are not manufactured in Amsterdam, but are handcrafted in Portugal. Filling Pieces is constantly evolving, and as it becomes better-known, the brand provides access to high-quality and affordable footwear for all. A top selection of Filling Pieces awaits you here at the KICKZ Online Shop!