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Since its first issue went to print in August 2003, Five magazine has become a basketball bible. With ten issues published a year, Five brings you monthly exclusive interviews, in-depth accounts of today’s top players, predictions of tomorrow’s rising stars, and the best of basketball’s legends. Spread out over one hundred glossy pages, they analyse and make conclusions about current statistics, players, teams and their rankings to give you a comprehensive understanding of the game on and off the court.

Five - Basketball for life

Reporting on not only the current stars and status of basketball, Five delves into the game’s history, giving you first-hand accounts of iconic moments throughout the years. Largely covering the American NBA, the magazine also takes a look at the BBL, the NCAA, the Euro League and the collegiate level. Five goes into detail about technical game terms, signature moves being played and the top basketball equipment and apparel currently available. Gracing the covers are the greats of the game, including Kobe Bryant, Tim Curry, Shaquille O’Neal, Dwayne Wade, James Harden and more. Subscribe to Five magazine, the authentic voice of basketball.