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Flexfit @KICKZ

Flexfit is one of the world’s largest and most innovative vendors for custom headwear. Nearly twenty years ago, they engineered the original Flexfit; a hat that crowned them as the undisputed kings of the industry. Featuring some of the patented tech advancements that set Flexfit ahead of the pack, they weaved polyurethane into the sweatband and crown of the cap to produce an unparalleled level of comfort and durability. As the label developed, so did their technology. ‘Cool & Dry’ caps wick sweat away from your head, keeping you fresh and dry while you perspire. Their range of ‘Ultrafibre’ hats is made from synthetic fibres that are robust, versatile and resistant to wind and rain.

Flexfit - Commitment to quality

In addition to these every day (and every use) models, there is the 3-Layer cap. Designed specifically for the outdoors, the 3-Layer is water and wind resistant while remaining light, breathable and warm in all conditions. Flexfit headwear also features ‘Permacurv’ which ensures the cap retains its’ original shape and ‘Ever-Fresh’ which are fibres designed to block and resist the absorption of odours. Available in a range of colours and patterns, find the style that suits you and your needs at KICKZ.