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Founded in Los Angeles in 1990, Fuct is an urban clothing brand that was created by American artist Erik Brunetti and his then partner -pro skateboarder- Natas Kaupas. Celebrating the urban lifestyle, Fuct’s message is as raw as the streets it was born from. Often referred to as the pioneers of modern streetwear, they, along with brands such as Stussy, Pop Shop and Glamour, were among the first designers to incorporate controversial messaged into their collections.

Fuct - The father of streetwear

Their designs often included features of pop culture and famous icons in combination with anti-government and anti-religious messages. With slogans such as ‘support your social outlaw’ and ‘war and drugs, not war on drugs’ Fuct established themselves as free-thinkers who used clothing to disseminate their ideas, passions and designs. With roots in skateboarding, graffiti art, punk and rock culture - and an established artist in his own right- Brunetti’s collections are a partnership of ideology and fashion. While they are a definitive part of streetwear’s history, Fuct continues to produce socially relevant and innovative designs that capture the modern age of urban apparel.