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Fuct Clothing @KICKZ

Fuct is one of the absolute streetwear pioneers. At the beginning of the 1990s the brand was one of just a handful, who took elements and themes from popular culture and reinterpreted them for their designs, such as what you see in Fuct clothing. The head and founder of the company was the graffiti artist and designer Erik Brunetti, who is also known as ‘Den One’. To date the streetwear pioneers of Fuct still set the tone.

Roots in graffiti and skateboarding

From the very beginning Fuct clothing was known for pushing the boundaries. Among the strongest influences are anti-government and anti-religious campaigns. These designs are clearly visible when looking at the range of Fuct clothing. The brand is as authentic as they get, with its roots in punk-rock, skateboarding, graffiti and biker culture. Though veterans of the streetwear world, Fuct continue to set the tone and no history of streetwear would be complete without them.