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G-Shock @KICKZ

As far as watches go, the G-Shock was the first of its kind. At a time where timepieces were considered fragile instruments, G-Shock was created by an engineer who wanted a watch that was drop, shock and impact proof. That engineer was Kikuo Ibe, the head designer for timepieces at Casio in the 1980’s. Creating a project team of three people, they began working on making Ibe’s vision a reality, aiming for a ‘triple 10’ concept: 10-metre shock resistance, 10-metre water depth resistance and a 10-year battery life.

G-Shock - Remain unchanged, remain invincible

Achieving their goal turned out to be incredibly difficult, even for the people widely considered to be the pioneers of modern watch technology. It wasn’t until Ibe saw some children playing that a thought occurred to him; "no impact reaches the interior of a bouncing rubber ball”. More than two years and 200 prototypes later they developed a near indestructible watch with a hollow structure and the module suspended inside; the G-Shock. Since then, they have released numerous sizes, colour combinations and themed patterns, but have left the original structure unchanged, because you can’t improve on perfection.