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Gingko @KICKZ

Gingko Press was established in Hamburg, Germany in 1985 by Mo Cohen and Julie von der Ropp. Moving the business to California shortly after, they began distributing Taschen books and eventually began accepting and publishing original manuscripts. In 1999 Gingko Press bought the world rights to the writings of iconic professor, media pioneer and prolific author, Marshall McLuhan. Famous for his accurate predictions of the World Wide Web, the influence of pop culture and the emergence of ‘street’ education; McLuhan is most remembered for his influential phrase "the medium is the message.”

Gingko Press - Original thinkers

Covering controversial, alternative and thought-provoking subject matters, Gingko Press publishes beautiful works that are so much more than just coffee table books. With titles on graphic design, popular culture, street art and graffiti, architecture and interiors, art, photography and literature, Gingko Press celebrates all elements of creative expression. Featuring stunning photographs, drawings and graphics in bold, clean colours, their books are striking to look and artistically educational to read. With titles such as Banksy’s Wall and Piece and Nskolectiv’s Full Coverage available at KICKZ online, you can immerse yourself in the pages of art and culture.