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Golden Denim by KICKZ

Inspired by the California lifestyle, Golden Denim was founded by Abraham Ruiz in 2009. Following in his parents’ footsteps, he took their thirty years of experience making textiles and built on it, creating the finest hand crafted denim in Los Angeles. Focusing on quality and attention to detail, Golden Denim takes pride in their craftsmanship and design. Made in America, Ruiz actively chooses not to make his clothes in countries where production is cheaper, instead employing around sixty local workers that he considers his extended family.

Golden Denim - True to the trade

A true believer that hard work will accomplish your goals, Ruiz is often in the workshop until the early hours of the morning, perfecting his craft and working on his collections. Drawing influence from the Golden State, his clothing reflects the styles and subcultures of California street life. With fitted jogger, drop crotch, cuffed, distressed and ribbed styles- all cut, sewn, printed, treated, washed and finished in house- quality and style is guaranteed. Available in a range of colours and denim tones, you can easily customize your look. Find your fashion at KICKZ online.