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Han Kjobenhavn

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Drawing inspiration from architecture, furniture design, danish functionality and quality Han Kjøbenhavn is one of Scandinavians most innovative Streetwear brands. Kjøbenhavn’s universe is uncompromising and unconventional.

Founded in 2008 in Copenhagen this Danish powerhouse has received a lot of attention in recent years and gained a vast array of fans, among them celebrities like Jay-Z, LeBron James and Bella Hadid.

Their products are made with the highest quality and come with a number of playful details you will only see once you look deeper into the multi-faceted layers of Han’s premium world.

Han Kjøbenhavn – a label you have to know

Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen is the name of the genius who made us happy in 2008 with the streetwear brand Han Kjøbenhavn. Founded in the middle of Copenhagen, the label began with an exclusive focus on eyewear but soon began to include a variety of clothing.

Today, Han Kjøbenhavn offers sunglasses, in all shapes and colours, and the most select clothing rooted in Danish design culture — known far beyond the country's borders — for both men and women. In its fashionable universe, which does not give a damn about traditional conventions, the brand takes wearers of Han Kjøbenhavn products into new fashion spheres by relying on maximum creativity, genuine craftsmanship and storytelling. The success of this approach was demonstrated just 5 years after the label's foundation when Complex magazine named Han Kjøbenhavn as one of the 15 best Scandinavian brands for men's clothing. GQ joined a year later and even named Han Kjøbenhavn as one of eight Scandinavian menswear brands that you have to know.

Order Han Kjøbenhavn products online – from the streetwear pro

>>> read moreCurrently, Han Kjøbenhavn has an online shop as well as three flagship stores in Denmark, the USA, and France - and is, of course, also available here with us, your expert for high-quality streetwear. Have a look around our assortment and be convinced by the brand's partly raw, partly fancy clothing articles, like shorts or hoodies. While the clothes from Han Kjøbenhavn aim towards men, the accessories - such as caps or socks - are also available for women. We wish you an exciting and fun filled time while browsing.