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Hummel Trainers @KICKZ

The sportswear brand Hummel was founded under the name Messmer & Co. in 1923 in Hamburg by two brothers Albert and Michael Ludwig Messmer. At the time the company was primarily concerned with manufacturing football boots, which at the time were still a relatively young phenomenon. But it was not until 25 years later, under the new boss Bernhard Weckenbrock that Hummel took on its new name and logo. The easily recognisable bumble bee logo was created to give the brand a real identity with which people could relate and it comes from the German word for bumble bee, hummel.

Hummel trainers - a German classic

In the following decades Hummel enjoyed great success across Europe sponsoring both Real Madrid in the 80s and the Danish national team for their EURO success in 1992. Hummel trainers have remained at the heart of its success all along and just its football boots. Nowadays Hummel trainers are an absolute street lifestyle essential. Instantly recognisable with their retro colours and the classic chevron design Hummel trainers have to be considered some of the most versatile all-rounder trainers on the market. Now based in Aarhus, the headquarters may have moved country but the design of Hummel trainers remains true as ever.