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Ice Cream Clothing @KICKZ

Ice Cream sits alongside Billionaire Boys Club as the second brand to be launched by Pharrel Williams and Nigo, the founder of A Bathing Ape(BAPE). So in terms of style there are two real heavyweights behind the brand. With the Ice Cream clothing they have proven time and time again their sense and intuition for the right look and trends. They launched this fashion collaboration in 2005, but due to a legal dispute with Reebok, progress was initially slow. However since this conflict was resolved, it has only been up for Ice Cream.

Styles to suit everyone

Pharrel’s creativity and Nigo’s unique touch make for an unmistakable and distinctive style. Anime inspired designs, colourful prints and of course ice cream motifs are just some of the countless crazy features that can be found on Ice Cream clothing. Moreover all Ice Cream clothing products are produced in very small quantities and therefore mostly only available for a short time. In this way Pharrel and Nigo are guaranteed the freedom to play with new designs and fans of Ice Cream clothing can equally expect something original that will make them stand out.