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While riding his bike in 2012, designer Mike Cherman was hit by a car. This cloud had a silver lining however and the accident ended up serving as the inspiration behind ICNY. The concept behind the label was to design functional and stylish athletic clothing that provided additional safety and increased visibility. Using reflective materials in strategic positions, ICNY’s apparel provides cyclists, runners and pedestrians with safe, street smart clothing that is practical and fashionable.

ICNY - Stand out

ICNY continues to explore and further the evolution of high-visibility materials, focusing on "fashion and function, aesthetics and athletics.” The clothing collections from ICNY are made with fabrics that feature flexible stretch, moisture wicking and reflective flash. Style is not sacrificed by the use of these technical fabrics, instead, the bold reflective graphics and patterns add to the overall visual effect. Their range now includes t-shirts, outerwear, tops, bottoms, headwear and even socks that all offer comfort, style and 360 degrees of high-visibility. Designed for city living, their apparel has an urban look and feel that caters to street performance. With classic sports silhouettes and cutting-edge technology, ICNY is ideal for the safety and security of athletes.