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In the world of basketball, Michael Jordan is god. Number 23 in the Chicago Bulls has set the bar extremely high; six championship rings, six MVP's and numerous scoring titles. Together with his on-court heroics and gravity defying dunks these feats have only added to his legend. The Jordan Brand aspires to dominate in the same way, and it is well on its way to achieving that. During Jordan’s rookie campaign, it didn't take the basketball world long to realise the talent they were dealing with. Not only a captivating athlete, Jordan’s charismatic smile and winning personality charmed people, proving that Michael had it all. Nike recognised that, and the brand in need of commercial appeal landed a winner with Jordan. While the Air Jordan 1 and 2 sold well - and established Nike as the top dog of the sneaker world - the Air Jordan 3 reached to new heights. Thanks to head designer Tinker Hatfield, the visible in-sole air cushion and the now iconic Jumpman logo solidified the Air Jordan 3 as a legend in its own right. A collection of legendary commercials starring famous director Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon - “It’s gotta be the shoes” - completed the hype, and has led to experts calling the 3 the best basketball sneaker ever made to this day.
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Jordan – sporting diversity with Jumpman

Jordan had a point – Man was not meant to fly. This was the claim of the advertising video for the legendary Air Jordan 1. And yet there was one man who apparently broke this original law again and again: Michael Jordan. The story of the shoe with the silhouette of the best basketball player of all time as its logo, Air Jordan, is one that teaches us never to be defeated by resistance.


The rest is history. Only seldom did a name like Jordan have such an impact on the sports world to be developed into a world brand. And the brand offers much more than just sneakers. Jordan's collection includes athletic, functional styles, consisting of shoes, jackets, hoodies, shirts and accessories – and always with the Jordan himself as the trademark. Since the early 90s, the name Jordan has attracted attention, specifically in the streetwear and music scene. Hip-hop stars such as Jay-Z, Travis Scott or Drake, who also like to display their favourite style in music videos or in public, have turned out to be convinced fans of the Jordan brand.


Jordan was the only basketball brand worldwide to enter into a cooperation with a football club in 2018, thus confirming its position in the industry. The players of the French first league club Paris Saint Germain, led by superstars Neymar, Edinson Cavani and Kylian Mbappé, are now wearing the Jordan logo on their chest in the Champions League.

Jordan Products at KICKZ

Air Jordan - from hype to frenzy

In the 90’s the hype evolved into a full-on frenzy. Michael Jordan shattered records, was feared by opponents on the court, charmed fans off the court and made his big screen debut with the basketball movie classic “Space Jam”. MJ became the most famous man in America and people went crazy over his signature sneakers. To this day the madness continues. When a new Jordan is released, whether it is a re-release, retro or a special edition, fans of the Jordan Brand camp out for days in anticipation. The shoes sell out in seconds and later appear online for insane amounts. The Jordan Brand became so large that Nike decided to create its own subdivision solely for them. In 1997 the Air Jordan 18 was independently released, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Jordan - the premium basketball brand

Jordan not only produces premium basketball sneakers, but covers all aspects of the baller life - from warm-up to shooting shirts, from backpacks to snapbacks. At KICKZ, you can find any Jordan article your game requires, whether it be exclusive packages like the Spizikes, or the latest signature sneaker from MJ. So find your new favourite from within our massive Jordan collection and “be like Mike!”.