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Jordan Future

The Jordan Future with its unusual style has become a real ‘It’ sneaker. The slender shaping and the minimalistic look have met with great approval on the scene. Despite the simplicity of the design, the Jordan Future somehow stands out. This is probably due to the high-quality material and the lacing, which is slightly to the side. Of course, the Jordan Future also has the well-known air cushioning, which promises maximum comfort and a fantastic wearing comfort. This makes the Jordan Future a good combination of stylish looks and high comfort. Like many other Jordan models, it can be worn for sports as well as on the road. Unlike many other models in the range however, it is not wide at the top, but nestles tightly to the ankle. The result is a sleek, modern look. What makes the Jordan Future so special? It can be worn chic with shirt and chinos or sporty with trackpants and hoodie.

The Jordan Future: proven sole, new design

The Jordan Future already has the future in its name but is more of a merger of past and future. The sole of the popular sneaker is none other than that of the Air Jordan 11. The sole of this model was incredibly popular and the design team around the Jordan Future seems to have liked it so much that it was reissued. The upper part, however, is completely different from its predecessor. And: We love it! The Jordan Future Sneakers are stylish, chic and casual at the same time. The silhouette is unique and has a fresh style. The lacing is slightly tilted to the side, creating a very minimalist and modern look. No wonder the Jordan Future can be so universally styled and combined. Since the first release in 2014, the brand has been releasing new models, styles and colors so you'll be spoilt for choice when shopping.

Design meets functionality

In addition to its cool design, the Jordan Future is also distinguished by its luxurious comfort. Let's be honest: We didn't expect anything else from a Jordan sneaker! The Jordan Future has air cushioning and a midfoot shaft made of fiberglass composite that gives your foot a firm hold and flexibility. The lateral lacing and the seamless upper material have a stabilizing effect in addition to the great look.

Jordan Future at KICKZ

Jordan Future – the all-rounder @KICKZ

Some sneakers stand out due to their striking colors or large design elements. The Jordan Future is different: it catches your eye with its clean look, high quality materials and light side lacing. The sole comes from an earlier Jordan model: the Air Jordan 11. Designed by cult designer Tinker Hatfield, this sneaker had continuous air cushioning and has long been one of Jordan's most popular models. The partially transparent outsole in combination with two elements in the herringbone pattern was picked up for the Jordan Future and provided with a completely new upper part. The upper material varies depending on the model and ranges from mesh to leather. The inner material is made of nylon and is therefore particularly comfortable on the skin. This makes the Jordan Future comfortable to wear even in summer without socks. In general, the Jordan Future is an absolute all-rounder for men and women and can be worn at any time of the day or year.