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Jordan Sale @KICKZ

Jordan’s brand all started out in 1984 when Michael Jordan wore a pair of Air Jordan 1s onto NBA hardwood while playing for the Chicago Bulls. Before playing for the Bulls, Jordan had already earned himself a national title at the University of North Carolina and a Gold Medal at the LA Olympic games. Despite these successes, he was still yet to prove himself in the NBA; making it more surprising that in his first year, he managed to land a $2.5 million deal with Nike. Retailing at $65, Air Jordan 1s were the most expensive basketball shoe on the court at the time but it cost Nike a whole lot more. Because Air Jordan 1’s colourways didn’t conform to NBA regulations, Jordan was fined $5,000 for every game. With considerable publicity being gained by the fines, Nike were happy to foot the bill each week as there was a definite buzz growing around this new athlete and his fresh kicks. KICKZ’ Jordan sale celebrates all Jordan style with around 300 reduced items including caps, trainers, training gear and kid’s clothes. Our Jordan sale is the best place for ballers to pick up the biggest bargains around; and as we don’t believe in sales that only offer unwanted products, we provide some of the most stylish and in fashion goods.

Jordan: The Ballers Brand

>>> mehr InfoDid you know? The Jumpman logo that’s found on all Jordan gear came from a photoshoot for Life Magazine but the jump itself couldn’t be further away from Michaels actual style of play. In fact, it was a ballet move that was deemed to look far more impressive when designed as a silhouette. The logo has now become iconic and it’s hard to think of anything else but the hardwood whenever you see or wear it. At KICKZ’ Jordan sale, you can expect to find:

- Hundreds of reduced items designed with ballers in mind

- A huge range of retro and modern Jordan trainers

- Clothing for both sport and style

- Men’s, women’s and kid’s clothing

- A range of sizes for most products so you’re not disappointed when you find the perfect item and find it’s not in your size

We don’t believe in only putting unwanted items in the Jordan sale, so you’ll find a wide range of stylish, in fashion goods at KICKZ.