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Jordan Clothing @KICKZ

When Michael Jordan entered the NBA Hardwood for the first time in 1984, it was not only the beginning of an unparalleled career, but also the beginning of the famous Air Jordan series from Nike. The sporting goods manufacturer gave MJ, who stunned the world with his seemingly superhuman ability, his own line of shoes and clothing. Immediately it caused a stir: because of the red/black combination, the shoes did not meet the NBA dress code and the time and were duly banned. But that did not prevent the shoe from becoming a huge global success. In fact the shoes caused such a hype that they have continued to be reissued every year since.

Jordan clothing is expertly designed

The advertisements from Nike are just as imaginative as the products. The adverts for each Air Jordan model are now today true YouTube classics. Now you are no longer limited to just wearing the Jumpman’s shoes, with a whole range of wearables including Jordan clothing. Through the characteristic design of the brand, each product distinguishes itself and is uncompromising on first class quality and materials. In fact Jordan clothing has become a particular streetwear favourite. Since 1997 the Jordan product line has established itself as a brand separate from Nike. Today Jordan clothing and other new models from the brand are developed on their own, but the company still works in close cooperation with Nike.