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Jordan Shoes by KICKZ

The Air Jordan brand has only been in existence since 1984 yet in that time it has become one of the most popular and best-selling brands of shoes around. Jordan shoes have been a particular hit in the world of basketball, which is no surprise as the brand exists as a product of and is named after Michael Jordan. The most famous range of Jordan shoes has been the AJ range of which there have now been 30+ variations. The Air Jordan’s logo is known as the ‘Jumpman’ and it depicts MJ mid-air performing a signature dunk. It was first featured on the famous Jordan shoe, the Air Jordan III. Since then this classic logo has become synonymous with quality footwear.

Favourite with all the stars

The Air Jordan brand now sponsors many Bball players such as Jeff Green and Carmelo Anthony to name just couple. Jordan shoes are also the favourite of many baseball and American football stars as well. Celebrities such as Spike Lee, Drake, Kevin Hart and Eminem also have sponsorship deals with Air Jordan making it one of the coolest and on trend brands right now. At KICKZ, Jordan shoes are a must have for any fans of top-quality trainers!