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Jordan Sneakers: A Timeless Addition to Any Collection

Jordan sneakers need no introduction. Whether walking the streets, ruling the court, our heading out for a night on the town, everyone from your high school buddy to Jay-Z himself can sport these stylish sneakers and their world-renown logo of Mr. Jordan himself. Yet just like the king, Jordan sneakers never stop evolving. With endless colors, styles, and shapes, you can find the latest Jordan sneakers that speak to you and your unique sense of fashion. Browse through our KICKZ collection and find one that fits you best.

Jordan Sneakers: How it all started

Jordan Sneakers have quite the history. Originally intending to sign a sneaker deal with adidas, Mr. Michael Jordan approached Nike in search of an offer to use as leverage. Little did he know, the Jordan Sneakers would be highly backed by Nike, with adidas unable to match the offer. Low and behold, Jordan sneakers such as the Nike Air Jordans have captured the world’s sneaker lovers for years – and it shows no signs of stopping. That why, at KICKZ, we’re proud to offer a range of Jordan sneakers, from the classics to the latest and greatest.