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K1X is the only brand dedicated exclusively to basketball - off court and on court - for over 25 years K1X has been the go-to brand for true ballers, streetball icons and footballers even NBA stars.

What began as a grassroots movement has now become one of the biggest players on the basketball market and equips not only numerous German Bundesliga clubs but also the best dunkers in the world - the Dunk Elite - with their unique looks. Play hard.


Like KICKZ, K1X was founded in 1993 in Munich, and hasn’t stopped growing since. Making a start by selling t-shirts off the back of a pickup truck, K1X is now available in over 30 countries across the globe, and is showing no signs of slowing down. The brand was originally created during the "golden era” when basketball was taking over the sporting world and hip-hop was fast becoming a mainstream genre (after already conquering the streets). Created "for ballers, by ballers”, K1X started as a grassroots group that aimed to provide an authentic alternative for basketballers, rappers and break-dancers, that didn’t want to be limited to passionless mainstream brands.

K1X - Play hard

Catering to real players, K1X’s ranges include footwear, clothing, hardware and accessories for men, and now women. Dedicated to their vision, K1X continues to produce high quality urban apparel that embodies the ethos of "the streets”. Now a major player in the fashion world, they continue to embrace their genuine basketball heritage. K1X’s commitment to their cause and brand are apparent, and summed up nicely by the one command that they give their customers: play hard - don’t embarrass our products.