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K1X shoes – from ballers for ballers

K1X as a brand takes its inspiration from all things basketball and they proudly boast that all their staff, "from CEO to facility manager”, is a ball player. This is evident in everything they create, T-shirts to caps, but it’s perhaps most obvious in their shoes. Back in 2002, the brand released its first performance trainers known as the Chiefglider, which were launched in more than 20 different variations. Fast-forward to November 2005, NBA star Ron Artest (now called Metta World Peace) signed with K1X and wore the brand’s shoes, the Chiefgliders, on the NBA court, solidifying the brand as a serious contender in the basketball world.

Famous shoe: the Anti-Gravity

More recently, K1X shoes took another boost when James "Flight” White wore the Anti-Gravity during a dunk contest and signed with the brand to endorse their shoes and their other lines.

K1X has the ethos that ball players are still ball players even when they’re not on the court, so their style is always reminiscent of basketball – even in their walking boots. This means that all K1X shoes are highly breathable, extremely comfortable and have perfect traction both on and off the court.