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Beanie hats for kids

The beanie hat is likely one of the most popular and fashionable hats nowadays. This type of hats is loved by teenagers and old people, students and businessmen, sportsmen and stars. They say, beanie hats were initially worn by blue collars (carpenters, mechanics and welders), because they had to have their hair covered. Later, beanies became an obligatory part of school uniforms in the UK and the US. Beanie hats for kids have gone through several changes and became nearly a cult object in the recent years.

Kids' beanie hats - universal and stylish

Nowadays beanies are worn by half of the world, and it is easy to see why. It is an ideal accessory during the winter and autumn months, but may as well be worn in the summer season. Beanie hats for kids are very functional, pretty and can be included in nearly every outfit. Numerous couturiers think that this hat is one of the most universal pieces of clothing in the world, so you can combine it with anything you wish. You can find kids' beanie hats for every taste here at KICKZ: made of wool and cotton, sophisticated and simple, sports beanies with poms and elegant ones.

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