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CDs and DVDs for kids - Become an excellent basketball player

You are a huge basketball fan and seek to improve your play? Then listen up now! DVDs are the best way to study new drills: You can watch the players from far and out of multiple perspectives while the speaker is explaining the moves to you in a slow, easy-to-follow manner. Before you train the drills at the court, they give you the chance to gain some theoretical insights into the moves and techniques first. Try out this new way of learning with basketball training DVDs for kids and bring your skills up to the next level!

Basketball training DVDs for kids - Follow your passion!

The coolest part is that you can actually get taught by your athletic idols! KICKZ Online Shop features a large variety of NBA DVD material which brings you a little closer to your favourite stars. Content-wise they include plenty of interview material, the top moments of the games as well as the players' stories of success. Also great material specifically focusing on technical basketball skills such as ball -handling, shooting and guarding skills is included in our large collection. Become a pro-player and purchase your DVDs and CDs for kids now!