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Kids' Jordans - a legend of basketball

The Nike Jordans for Kids have a certain history. In 1984, Nike, a manufacturer of athletic footwear, released a series of new shoes named after the legendary American basketball player Michael Jordan. His ability to jump to abnormal heights served as an inspiration for designers from Nike who decided to create a specific brand dedicate to Jordan himself - Air Jordans. The first Jordan shoes, which now exist for kids, were red and black. Colored Air Jordans were a daring move at the time, as the NBA obligedbasketball players to play with white shoes. Michael Jordan had to pay a fee of 5000 dollars every time he played in his colourful shoes, Jordan was unphased and his fans were eager to pay homage to his boldness. Soon, Jordans became wildly popular in the United States and then in the rest of the world.

Jordans for Kids at KICKZ

Since their creation, Jordan shoes have always been among the best-selling basketball shoes in the world, and it is easy to see why. These sneakers are very famous for their comfort, outstanding quality and innovative design.But Jordans aren’t only for pro athletes – Jordans for kids also offer a variety of options. In our online shop you are able to find a wide range of high-quality kids' Jordans that can suit ever kid’s taste - take a look!