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Kids' socks @KICKZ

Some people mistakenly think socks are not an important part of the everyday outfit. In truth, socks are of great value as they create a barrier between the footwear and the feet. While picking kids' socks, materials and quality are the most important factors. Natural fabrics (for example wool or cotton) still remain the most popular choice, while silk is loved by those who are really into fashion. Synthetic materials (e.g. polyester or nylon) can also be an option, especially for people who like doing sports, but the cloth itself has to have an excellent quality and be hypoallergenic.

Socks for kids - choose your favourite style and type

Kids' socks can be long or short - the choice should be based on the shoes and on your overall outfit. It is important to remember that some shoe models (for example fashionable moccasins) are better worn without any socks at all or with hidden low-cut ones. On there is a great selection of excellent quality socks for kids to suit every taste: classical or sports, made of wool or cotton, patterned or plain, short or long. Get the perfect ones at KICKZ!