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The Levi’s Sale @KICKZ

If you’re looking for world renowned, top quality jeans, look no further than the Levi’s sale at KICKZ. This historic brand by Levi Strauss has almost 150 years of Denim experience, making them one of the bestselling brands of jeans in the world. Levi’s history started back in San Francisco in 1853 when Mr. Strauss commissioned one of his customers to make a pair of trousers for his wife that wouldn’t fall apart. The solution was metal rivets at the points of strain. This was the birth of the jeans we know and love today and since then they’ve gone from strength to strength.
The KICKZ Levi’s sale is designed to help you find clothing that is made to last at a fraction of the normal price. Don’t expect to find last season’s cast offs here though. We only believe in putting great items on sale, so whether you are looking for your new work jeans or a stylish jacket, look no further than our Levi’s sale.

A taste of the American West with our Levi’s sale

To celebrate the Levi’s sale at KICKZ, here’s a few facts you might not have known about the legendary denim brand from San Francisco:

- Levi Strauss, the founding father of Levi’s, originally came from Bavaria in the south of Germany. He moved over to America during the Gold Rush era and opened a dry goods store.

- During the 1950s, especially along the east coast of America, Levi’s became known to be too rebellious. Schools across the country banned them and mothers everywhere thought they were bad news for their kids.

- Levi’s once had a crotch rivet but after too many people sustained injuries by crouching too close to a fire, they decided to remove this hazard.

Be sure to check out our Levi’s sale for a wide range of clothes at great prices.