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LRG Clothing @KICKZ

LRG stands for ‘Lifted Research Group’ and was founded in California’s Orange County in 1999 by Jonas Bevacqua and Robert Wright. The pair were not satisfied with simply designing casual clothing, such as LRG clothing, but they also wanted to spread a message. This resulting clothing therefore often features a mixture of symbols surrounding the topics of nature and indigenous people. One of the most famous pictures used is the print ‘roots people’ which draws inspiration from African cultures and appears prominently on LRG clothing. A circular logo featuring a tree is also often seen on the brand’s clothing. It symbolises life and the growth cycle. Even today LRG remains true to its origins: a part of all sales goes to a variety of different environmental projects.

Loved for its cuts and motifs

LRG clothing has quickly built up a wide fan base with its comfortable cuts and meaningful designs. It was not long before hip-hop artists such as Pete Rock, Kanye West or Raekwon started wearing the brand. The fashion label also supports many unknown skaters and artists. Through these means Lifted Research Group, who is now based in Lake Forest, California, has worked its way to become one of the most popular streetwear brands. Men and women across the globe now wear LRG clothing and accessories. With each new collection of LRG clothing, it shows once more why it will continue to rank among the leading lifestyle brands.