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Get the best men's bandana at KICKZ!

They say bandanas, triangular or square scarves, have first appeared in Spain where they were used by sheep herders to protect the face from the dust. American cowboys have also liked these head kerchiefs: they wore it around the neck and simply pulled it up to cover their mouth and nose if there were a necessity. Additionally, square scarves were worn in Central Asia instead of traditional hats. In modern times men's bandanas and durags (or du rags, bandanas’ younger brother), have become a cult accessory which not only adds a chic touch to your costume but also protects the head from the sun.

Men's bandanas and durags - stay on the cutting edge

Usually bandanas have a square shape and a standard size of 63x63 cm or 70x70 cm and are made from 100% cotton. Durags, as one of the types of traditional bandanas, have a “skullcap” fit and are produced from nylon. The great selection of different bandanas and durags we have on can impress anyone, just take a closer look! Some of our products come with different colours and patterns, when others are plain - just choose the one you like the most, that’s so easy!

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