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Basketball gear for men @KICKZ

Men’s basketball fashion is always changing. Jerry West used to wear shorts that can only be described as super short shorts but when Michael Jordan came along he demanded a lower, baggier cut to his shorts. This was only pushed forward by the infamous group of freshmen from the University of Michigan known as the "Fab Five”. This group of maverick ball players, inspired by hip-hop culture, opted for shorts that came to below their knees.

The tides have started to change and shorts have started to recede again. Players like Kelly Oubre Jr., the 21-year-old player for the Washington Wizards, has opted to roll up his shorts and LeBron James has announced that he wanted to move to a skinnier, shorter cut. It seems that in men’s basketball gear the long shorts have had their day.

It’s not only the style of shorts that have been changed by ball players in the NBA, but every item of men’s basketball gear: trainers, jerseys and even the use of sweatbands has been dictated by players like LeBron James. Essentially, the NBA is a catwalk for style for where the game is really played, the street, where ballers take the style from the NBA and make it their own.