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Adidas clothing for men

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Adidas clothing for men by KICKZ

If you are a fan of Adidas clothing for men, you should know some facts about the evolution of the brand. Here’s how it all began: Adidas men’s clothing and shoes go back to the 1920s in a small town in the south of Germany. Two brothers, Adi and Rudolf Dassler started a small shoemaking business and in the beginning the two were fairly successful but they soon fell out over what direction the company should go in. The brothers then split their business into Adidas and Puma and set up factories on opposite banks of their local river. Adidas’ big break came during the 1936 Summer Olympics when Adi Dassler visited Jesse Owens and convinced the athlete to wear a pair of Adidas trainers that were known at the time as "Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik”. Owens had a massively successful Olympic Games and took home four gold medals putting Adidas men’s clothing in the lime light.

Football World Cup 54 – starting point for successful men’s clothing, shoes & more

Adidas’ next and possibly biggest mile stone came from the ashes of Puma’s mistake. Before the 1954 World Cup, Rudolf Dassler, who was heading up Puma, fell out the West German football team and Adidas swooped in to win the contract to create the boots for the team. Against odds that were stacked against them, West Germany beat Hungary in the finals and Adidas’ place in sports history was put in concrete. From this point, Adidas won contracts with athletes across all sports and set scores of fashion trends along the way. Today, Adidas men’s clothing is as popular as ever.