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Jordan clothing for men @KICKZ

Jordan has always been a kind of branch of Nike yet remained independent for years now, but the relationship was somewhat of a coincidence. Throughout his early days playing ball, Michael Jordan wore Converse, not Nike or Adidas. In his early days, a few punters started saying that Jordan was going to be the next great, a few said it was too early to tell but the big sports companies still kept a close watch on the young athlete. Instead of going straight to Adidas, the brand Jordan wanted to work with, he approached Nike to see what kind of a deal he could score. Someone at Nike must have expected what was to come in Jordan’s career and they put in for a massive contract that Adidas couldn’t match. Now we have a wide range from Jordan clothing, shoes and accessories to choose from – for men, women and kids.

Jordan men’s clothing – successful and popular

Nike and Michael Jordan went on to have one of the world’s most lucrative relationships between a sportswear company and an athlete and although Jordan started as being a kind of branch of Nike, it now has its very unique style and appearance. This is of course also true for all kind of Jordan men’s clothing. Look out now for the unmistakable Jumpman logo for trainers, T-shirts and sports gear.